Mrs. Rosetta M. Andrews Scholarship of Encouragement

Mrs. Rosetta M. Andrews Scholarship of Encouragement

Mrs. Rosetta M. Andrews Scholarship of Encouragement was established in 2022 by her daughter and KCC alum Joyce Andrews-Mckinney. Ms. Rosetta was born to Marion and Margaret. She was the eldest of nine children. Rosetta was 14 years old when she and her younger siblings suffered the death of their mom; and then later the removal from the custody of their father to be placed in foster care.

As was the norm of the foster care system Ms. Rosetta graduated high school and was kicked to the curb at age 18. She fended for herself. This left her vulnerable at the mercies of a cold, Chicago city. Ms. Rosetta wanted to be a dancer, but as life will have it her claim to fame was marrying George Andrews and having 12 children. Sadly, they divorced. In the meantime, Ms. Rosetta embraced the calling of Jesus Christ.

Ms. Rosetta daydreamed, stay encouraged and often prayed about owning her own home. Sometime later Ms. Rosetta and eight of her children relocated to her first and only home in Battle Creek, Michigan. Imagine her joy going from being on the streets at age 18 to owning the first real home for herself and her children 16 years later!
After living in Battle Creek for some years Mr. George and Ms. Rosetta made efforts to reconcile. Hence the last baby girl was born. They did not re-marry but remained lifelong friends.

Ms. Rosetta flourished in the church and home life. She loved performing dance routines for her church, hosting sabbath and special occasions dinners at her home, listening to others talk about themselves, encouraging others to follow their dreams, learning about history, making Jesus Christ alive to anyone who cared to know Him.

She also met many wonderful Michigan people, travelled, earned Kellogg Community College credits, stayed faithful to her Christian beliefs, buried all but one sibling while never burying her sister-in-law any of her own children, grandchildren or great-grandchildren. At age 88 Ms. Rosetta died in Georgia where she was visiting family to be better cared for.


This scholarship is established to encourage KCC students who look like Ms. Rosetta and her eight siblings to 1) stay encouraged no matter your circumstances, 2) complete your college/vocational studies, 3) give back to your community and family. The scholarship will be awarded to a KCC student studying history, fine arts of skilled trades.