Kopf Family Scholarship

Kopf Family Scholarship

Randall Lawrence Kopf was born on August 10, 1957 to parents Robert and Norma Kopf in Pontiac, Michigan. Randy had four siblings: Kimberly Kopf, Patricia Kopf Hayward, Ken Kopf and Kelly Kopf Dutcher.

After graduating from Southfield Lathrop High School, Randy worked for Ford Motor Company. In the early 1980’s, with family in Battle Creek and a desire to pursue further education, Randy moved to the west side of the state to begin his studies at Kellogg Community College (KCC). Randy earned two associate degrees from KCC, one in Automotive and the second in Drafting and Design. During his time at KCC, Randy tutored in both of these programs. Between his tutoring and being mentored by his Drafting Instructor George Clark, Randy was encouraged to pursue a degree in education. After receiving his degrees at KCC, Randy went on to earn his Bachelor of Science in Industrial Education from Western Michigan University. When Randy’s mentor George retired from KCC in 1986, Randy was hired as his successor. Randy always felt it was such an honor to replace George to lead the program into a changing environment with new technology. Randy had a successful career at KCC. He developed the Drafting Program into the Computer Aided Drafting and Design Program. He was quick to watch industry standards and get on board to switch from manual drafting to computer aided drafting in the early to mid-1990’s. He knew how important it was to stay current so students could find successful careers with up to date skills. Randy implemented new software as the demands changed and was watchful for growing trends in the field. Randy was also heavily involved with many committees at the college, the most notable being Academic Cabinet. He was always hoping to move the college forward in its mission, and to support students and staff. Randy retired in 2016 from KCC after 30 years of teaching.

Patricia Ann Kopf was born on July 14, 1959 to parents Robert and Gail Halabicky in Detroit, Michigan. Pat had five siblings, all brothers: Mark, Mike, Bob, Doug and Joe Halabicky.

After graduating from Goodrich High School, Pat attended General Motors Institute (GMI) where she earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Pat went on
to work for General Motors Parts Division and Pontiac Motor Division in both engineering and marketing until the birth of her second child Jessica. Wishing to pursue a career in education, Pat earned her Master’s degree in Education with a major in mathematics from Nazareth College in 1992. She was hired at KCC as a full time instructor where her primary focus was to teach Technical Mathematics education for students seeking a two year degree in engineering. Pat was also one of the first math instructors to develop and begin teaching mathematics online at KCC. Pat retired in 2019 from KCC after 27 years of teaching.

Randy and Pat’s blended family includes four children: Evan Kopf, Jessica Kopf Molnar, Lisa Hammond and Jessica Lee. Randy and Pat moved to Traverse City, Michigan in
retirement. They enjoyed bicycling, hiking, cross country skiing and other outdoor activities in Northern Michigan. Randy fought a three year battle with lung cancer and
succumbed to it at a young age of 62 years, on June 5, 2020.


Their work with common students over the years left an indelible mark; they shared a great compassion for
their students success.