John Harvey Kellogg Memorial Scholarship

John Harvey Kellogg Memorial Scholarship

John Harvey Kellogg was born on February 26, 28152 in Tyrone, Michigan. He moved to Battle Creek when he was four years old. In 1866, Ellen and James White opened a Health Reform Institute; recognizing the potential of Mr. Kellogg, they financed his medical studies at the Bellevue Medical College in New York City. Upon graduation, he returned to Battle Creek and became medical superintendent of the Institute.

Kellogg had a life-long dedication to education, making several trips abroad to study with leading European medical figures, serving as a fellow in a variety of medical societies, and introducing several new techniques in abdominal surgery. He wrote nearly 50 books and medical treatises which he published during his long medical career.

Mr. Kellogg died in 1943 at the age of 91, still active as a physician and administrator.


John Harvey Kellogg’s life-long dedication to education and his commitment to those in financial need would make him proud to be the namesake for this memorial scholarship helping nursing students with unmet financial need.