Bertha and Marjorie Smith Gold Key Scholarship

Bertha and Marjorie Smith Gold Key Scholarship

Bertha Smith was born July 4, 1921 to Lee and Mildred Smith. Two years later, after the passing of her father, Bertha, her older sister Marjorie and Mildred moved to Battle Creek.

Bertha was an honor student at Battle Creek Central; there, she swam and played softball. She graduated in 1939. She was an elevator operator at Security Bank (in Heritage Tower), and then went to work for the Michigan Bell Telephone Company, where she worked as a switch board operator and eventually a supervisor. She worked there for 39 years.

Marjorie Smith was born October 24, 1919 in Union City, Michigan. She graduated from Battle Creek Central High School in 1937, after playing softball, basketball and swimming there.

Marjorie was a lifeguard at the Youth Building and Willard Beach. She worked at Weston Biscuit Company (Inter Bake Foods) for 43 years.


Growing up, Bertha and her sister Marjorie enjoyed using the KCC pool to swim and exercise. She believed in young people, and wanted to give something back to those with financial needs could be helped to pursue their education.